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Our Customers Results:

25 minutes - Starts WHILE eating as it digests ‘trigger foods’ for you.

1 Hour - Their tummy is now flat, light, and completely bloat-free

5-7 Hours - Deep comfort flows through the body as fat-burning power soars

7-9 Days - Clothes fit like a glove all day as the tummy stays flat and comfy

1-3 Months - Watch fat melt from your waistline and notice your flat stomach.

3-6 Months - Day whatever you like without ever worrying about consequences!

Lose an average of 30lbs in 90 days

Introducing our clinically proven fat burner enriched with 10 powerful enzymes and smart extracts + GreenSelect Phytosome® - This innovative formula combines patented metabolism boost in ingredients to provide you with a comprehensive solution for your weight management and de-bloating.*  

Relieves Gas Build Up & Bloating in Less Than 30 Minutes 

BloatBurn quickly soothes your stomach, easing discomfort and bloating. Enjoy a calm, relaxed feeling in your abdomen and get back to your day with confidence. With BloatBurn, relief is just a two capsules away, allowing you to feel your best without waiting.  

Silences Food Triggers For Risk-Free Meals 

Foods that can irritate the stomach may now be tolerable, so eating delicious meals together with loved ones or enjoying a “guilty pleasure” may be possible.  

Instantly Flattens The Inflated Tummy

Soothe and nurture your digestive system with BloatBurn for optimal well-being and ensuring your body gets the most nutrients from the foods you eat.

1000's of Women Are Now Thriving Once Again Without Restrictive crash Diets or Toxic Treatments

Marcella Goodwin

These are a must if you feel bloated and podgy all the time!

I’m 51 and have struggled with bloating for a couple of years now (thank you Mother Nature). I decided to give this a try and it literally changed my digestion. Goodbye bloating!!! Thank you Neuaura for creating this product!

Anna Brown

Fat loss in jar.

On just day 5, and I'm already feeling a lot more like my pre-menopause self – a version oI started peri around when I turned 40 and gained weight quite rapidly that year (and I was already overweight to begin with). Even more than being unhappy with how I looked - I was unhappy with how I felt. I felt old and decrepit, always sore and tired. I started bloatburn 2 months ago and already lost 9 lbs (188 to 179) in about a year. I am now more energetic and have a positive outlook on life. I have started tracking my protein, hydration, calories, and steps goals. I will report back in another 60 days my goal is to get to 160lbs a total of 28lbs lost.f me I never thought I'd see again! Sleeping through the night without waking up in a pool of sweat, and my mind is noticeably clearer and sharper, without any side effects. Grateful for these changes!

Three side-by-side photos of a woman before, holding a product, and after using the product.

Theresa Isaac

No more bloating or gas

I’ve been battling IBS for almost a decade and the most challenging symptoms for me have been excessive gas and constant constipation. While I am addressing the constipation with another product, Neuaura’s BloatBurn has been amazing for the bloating and gas that typically accompany my meals. Since I started using it just under a week ago, I've noticed an immediate improvement in how I feel.

Kathleen Lee

Bloating be GONE!!

I’ve had bloating issues for as long as I could remember until finally I found a product that actually helps!! I was getting constant facial swelling and enormous stomach bloat especially when travelling and now I take this product every day and NO MORE swelling. What a relief! I am so grateful I took a chance on this product.

Three smiling women holding a product in separate photos combined in one image.

Rebekah Foster

I am blown away!

I just started the Neuaura’s Bloatburn 3 weeks ago, and I since then have lost 2.5kg. I am blown away! Anyone who knows me knows that 2.5kg of weight loss is ALOT for me!! I have since added the Daily menopause supplement to help control my rampant night sweats and uncontrollable mood swings. I take 2 capsules of each supplement in the AM. I will continue to measure my progress 1 month from now and present new results, then.

Trudie Hughes

I have lost 10lbs in the past 2 months

I just turned 49 two months ago and I’ve been going through quite a few symptoms. I was depressed to find out 4 months ago that I was the heaviest I've ever been despite eating less and exercising more. As a petite woman, I feel like I really don't have the luxury to put on more weight. I felt so alone. I saw an ad for these BloatBurn Capsules 2 months ago and thought I would give them a try. I can honestly say that these little capsules have changed everything for me. Taking these alongside continuing my healthy lifestyle I am down almost 10lbs and feel better than ever before, my bloating after eating has reduced which is a massive plus.

Collage of three women smiling and holding beauty products.

Yvonne A.

Highly Recommend!

I’ve always been very active and done yoga and ate fairly healthy… but that weight crept right up on me. I decided to start Bloaburn 9 weeks ago. I decided to cut out added sugars/all baked goods aside from holidays. I also cut out most grains for now as I noticed they cause me to overeat and crash. And I added lentils to my lunch salad every day. I’m down 8kg and have more to lose, but I feel good. I would highly recommend this for anything that’s struggling with menopausal weight gain.

Ethel Anderson

My stomach feels so good

I was suffering from discomfort & bloating after most meals.

I started taking Bloatburn and it truly has changed how I feel.

My stomach feels so good. I started off with the 2 capsules as they say but went down to 1, my stomach does better with taking just 1. Everyone is different & it seems I don’t need the full dose. So glad I found Neuaura when I did 😊

60 day money-back guarantee

Meet The Star Ingredients That Work Together To Burn Fat, provide Instant Relief From Bloating, Gas and Uncomfortable Puffiness

Here is why we hand-picked these 10 clinically validated ingredients

7 Ways We Exceed the World's Highest Quality Standards, From Science-Backed Clinical Ingredients to Superior Sourcing, Manufacturing, and Product Consistency!

Icon of a healthcare professional with a medical cross.

Formulated by leading female menopause specialists and nutritionists

Who understands women more than women themselves. That is why we only work with leading female nutritionists and hormone health experts who understand hormonal balance. With over 20 years of experience our experts are registered nutritionists, members of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine and the Royal Society for Medicine. 

A graphic of the UK flag inside a pink circle.

Made in the UK with the highest safety and quality standards

Backed by 60+ years of expertise, our MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) -certified facility adheres to the strictest safety and quality standards. Each Neuaura supplement is meticulously crafted in small batches, meeting the highest GMP standards for purity and safety, that surpass even the most rigorous UK regulations.

Ensuring 100% Clean and Traceable Ingredients

We prioritise transparency and purity in every aspect of our product development. All our ingredients are meticulously sourced to guarantee 100% cleanliness and traceability throughout the manufacturing process. We maintain close partnerships with our suppliers, ensuring that we consistently receive the highest quality ingredients available.

Ingredients and Dosages Based on Scientific Data

Every ingredient in BloatBurn is chosen for its proven hormone-balancing benefits, based on thorough research from thousands of scientific studies. Our own in-house formula makes sure each ingredient is in the right dose to meet your body's specific needs during menopause, guaranteeing optimal results.

Icon indicating 'Non GMO' with a leaf and check mark in a pink circle.

Free from gluten, dairy, sugar and GMO’s

BloatBurn is created without gluten, dairy, sugar, or GMOs, ensuring a clean and wholesome formula that supports your well-being.

60 day money-back guarantee

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Vs Other Mass Market Supplements

Bottle of Neuaura BloatBurn food supplement containing 60 capsules.


Clinically backed fat burning ingredients

Aids in digestion of fats, sugars, and carbs

No bulkers, fillers, coatings, dyes, GMOs, gluten, dairy or heavy metals

Every batch triple tested for quality

Made in U.K. in GMP standard facility

60-Day money back guarantee

Blank label on an amber glass supplement bottle with a black cap, isolated on white background.

Other Mass Market Supplements

Cheap generic ingredient's

One-size fits all approach

May contain toxic fillers, harmful to health

No batch testing results

Made in random factories in Asia with no strict standards

30-Day money back guarantee at best

Money-Back Guarantee

Next-day delivery

Thousands of Women Use BloatBurn to Ease Bloating and Burn Stubborn Fat

4.8/5 rating

Cathrine Edwards

I feel like I have a purpose in life again

I was initially hesitant to try supplements due to their unregulated nature, but after a recommendation from a friend, I decided to give BloatBurn a shot. I'm 47 and currently going through menopause, often feeling fat and bloated. I typically wake up fine, but the bloating starts as soon as I eat in the late morning, making me look and feel pregnant for the rest of the day, to the point where I usually skip dinner. I take two of these per day and I can honestly say since starting I haven't bloated once and I feel so much happier in life. I feel like I have a purpose again.

Ursula Harding

These pills saved my wedding!

I have IBS, which contributes to my chronic bloating. To my surprise, about an hour after taking BloatBurn, I noticed a significant reduction in my belly bloating. This was especially apparent when I was shopping for my wedding dress; previously, trying on anything form-fitting was discouraging because it seemed to accentuate my bloating. However, after taking BloatBurn right before another dress fitting session, the difference was so remarkable that it completely changed my experience and confidence. This moment made me realise just how effective BloatBurn is for my condition. I’m incredibly pleased with the results and have decided to subscribe and continue using this product to help manage my symptoms more effectively.

Rosie Green

Unbelievable results!!

I was always ‘naturally thin’ until perimenopause and a sedentary job started to creep on the weight (over 10kg). I never had gastrointestinal issues until recently and I’m told it can be related to perimenopause but there’s never much info about it. Seriously the bloating and flatulence alone are depressing. Starting BloatBurn has 6 weeks ago has been the best thing that ever happened to me. Not only have I started to lose those stubborn kg’s but I am now not bloated after every meal and my husband will thank you for less wind. I highly recommend this supplement for any ladies out there looking to get their weight and bloating under control.

Ashley Taylor

Didn't have to change my lifestyle to loss weight

Since starting on Bloatburn I haven’t made any drastic changes. I still eat sweet fruit if I feel like it even cake and cookies, etc. I haven’t even had to quit refined sugar or cut out deserts. My extra weight came off slowly, but it came off. I’m so happy I found these.. I have now signed up for the monthly subscription.

Elizabeth Bailey

Great results so far!!

I know it's cliche to say that I don't normally leave reviews, but when I do, it means something! I've been using the Bloatburn for quite a while now and honestly it's done wonders for my body! Have an upset stomach after something you ate, use the bloatburn capsule! Of course, if you feel bloated in general, use the bloat pill! But also if you feel like you're doing everything you can to be healthy and eat clean and you feel like it's not making a difference for your body, use the bloatburn capsule! It really evens out all that's going on within your stomach and really helps balance everything you digest and makes you feel GOOD and makes you feel like you're doing good for your body! Plus it is helping boost my metabolism to burn some of my stubborn fat. Highly recommend!

Lucy Hunter

Definitely continuing with this supplement!

I was hesitant to try this product but this was very helpful after months of trying to lose weight. This gives me the energy to focus on work, gym and as a mother of 4. So grateful for Neuaura and I will definitely continue this journey with Neuaura products. Finally, I am able to get out of the 90kg range that have been stuck in for the past 5 years.

60 day money-back guarantee

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