Achieve Complete Menopause Hormone Balance in 7 Days (or Less)

This Incredible New Approach Powered by Scientifically Backed Ingredients, Directly Tackles The Root Cause of Menopausal Hormonal Imbalances - Clearing Them Fast to Eradicate Hot Flushes, Uncontrollable Mood Swings, Brain Fog, Anxiety, Fatigue, Insomnia & Night Sweats.

Works for women of all ages going through Peri-Menopause, Menopause, Post-Menopause...

And can be taken as natural alternative to HRT or alongside your HRT, each journey is as unique as you!

The Fastest Way to Get Back

to your pre menopausal self

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    Our Customers Results:

    Reduced Brain fog & Boosts Energy in 1-3 Days

    Eliminates Hot Flushes & Balances Mood in 4-7 Days

    Stops Night sweats & Promotes Uninterrupted Sleep in 5-7 Days

    Complete Hormonal Balance in 15-30 Days

    Restores Hormonal Balance

    Unveil the potency of our 12-ingredient formula, expertly crafted to rebalance hormones naturally. Our smart extracts target the exact imbalances, swiftly restoring oestrogen and progesterone levels to ease menopause symptoms. Formulated for women of all ages going through perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause to quickly restore complete hormonal balance.

    Boosts Energy, Mood, and Cognitive Function

    Our supplement is enriched with Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Maca, and Red Clover—time-tested natural extracts known for centuries for their effectiveness. Supported by scientific research, these natural ingredients reduce anxiety, enhance calmness, stabilise mood swings, and boost memory, cognitive function, and energy levels.

    Promotes Better Sleep and Reduces Night Sweats

    Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep with our supplement's fast-acting extracts, helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night long. Ashwagandha promotes calmness, aiding in easier drifting off, while sage tackles hot flushes and night sweats, a centuries-old menopause remedy. Recent scientific studies show Maca reduces night sweats and hot flushes by over 80%, meaning no more midnight bedsheet changes!

    1000's of Women Are Now Thriving Once Again Without Restrictive diet, Chronic Stress or HRT

    Francessca Faquri

    These are a must if you are moody 24/7 - Get these ASAP !!

    Since hitting 40, I've battled non-stop mood swings, irritability, and feeling like a monster 24/7 due to menopausal hormonal chaos. Fatigue was my constant companion, no matter how much I slept. This supplement has worked absolute wonders. In just a month, my hormones are balanced, moods are controlled, and the unexpected mood swings are history. The energy boost is incredible—I felt the difference within the first week. Signed up for the subscription so that I never run dry. Highly Recommend.

    Betty Ascott

    Miracle in a bottle

    On just day 5, and I'm already feeling a lot more like my pre-menopause self – a version of me I never thought I'd see again! Sleeping through the night without waking up in a pool of sweat, and my mind is noticeably clearer and sharper, without any side effects. Grateful for these changes!

    Dana M.

    Hot flushes vanished!

    Even in cold the Scottish winter, I was stripping off layers and sweating profusely. I experienced almost instant relief after taking Neuaura. This supplement saved me from ever experiencing those embarrassing hot flush moments again.

    Michelle Greene

    It really WORKS

    I am 46 and started peri-menopause at 38 and have experienced sleepless nights ever since. I am now 2 weeks into my first bottle and wow. I feel more grounded, more energy, I have even lost a bit of weight, sleeping right through the night and I barely sweat at all at night now!! Not sure what kind of voodoo this is but wow I am impressed.

    Anja Kura

    GP approved.

    I'll admit I was skeptical after failed attempts with HRT and other supplements that left me with persistent hot flushes, brain fog, and fatigue. Encouraged by positive reviews, I took a leap of faith and ordered this supplement. To my surprise, within just one week, I noticed improved sleep, increased energy, and a significant lift in the brain fog. Even my GP gave her stamp of approval, urging me not to stop taking them! She was so impressed that she ordered them for herself. I'm loving these and wholeheartedly recommend them.

    April Wolford

    Active again

    Following years of constant exhaustion, life has taken a turn for the better. I've resumed working out, my energy levels are up, and I feel much happier. Great product.

    Shannon Y.

    Fast, long lasting results

    I was grappling with severe menopause brain fog, to the point where I feared early Alzheimer's. This supplement worked wonders and it worked fast, easing my brain fog almost immediately.

    Anne Archer

    My sleep is back!!!!

    HRT triggered severe migraines for me, and the daily exhaustion from sleepless nights was relentless. Neuaura's supplement provided the menopause relief I thought was impossible without HRT. Now, I have more energy than even before menopause, and those sleepless nights are a thing of the past – no more night sweats, and I enjoy a full night's sleep! I really love this product.

    60 day money-back guarantee

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