Achieve Complete Menopause Hormone Balance in 7 Days (or Less)

This Incredible New Approach Powered by Scientifically Backed Ingredients, Directly Tackles The Root Cause of Menopausal Hormonal Imbalances - Clearing Them Fast to Eradicate Hot Flushes, Uncontrollable Mood Swings, Brain Fog, Anxiety, Fatigue, Insomnia & Night Sweats.

Works for women of all ages going through Peri-Menopause, Menopause, Post-Menopause...

The Fastest Way to Get Back

to your pre-menopausal self naturally

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Daily Menopause Supplement

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Our Customers Results:

Reduced Brain fog & Boosts Energy in 1-3 Days

Eliminates Hot Flushes & Balances Mood in 4-7 Days

Stops Night sweats & Promotes Uninterrupted Sleep in 5-7 Days

Complete Hormonal Balance in 15-30 Days

Restores Hormonal Balance

Unveil the potency of our 12-ingredient formula, expertly crafted to rebalance hormones naturally. Our smart extracts target the exact imbalances, swiftly restoring oestrogen and progesterone levels to ease menopause symptoms. Formulated for women of all ages going through perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause to quickly restore complete hormonal balance.

Boosts Energy, Mood, and Cognitive Function

Our supplement is enriched with Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Maca, and Red Clover—time-tested natural extracts known for centuries for their effectiveness. Supported by scientific research, these natural ingredients reduce anxiety, enhance calmness, stabilise mood swings, and boost memory, cognitive function, and energy levels.

Promotes Better Sleep and Reduces Night Sweats

Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep with our supplement's fast-acting extracts, helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night long. Ashwagandha promotes calmness, aiding in easier drifting off, while sage tackles hot flushes and night sweats, a centuries-old menopause remedy. Recent scientific studies show Maca reduces night sweats and hot flushes by over 80%, meaning no more midnight bedsheet changes!

1000's of Women Are Now Thriving Once Again Without Restrictive diet, Chronic Stress or HRT

Francessca Faquri

These are a must if you are moody 24/7 - Get these ASAP !!

Since hitting 40, I've battled non-stop mood swings, irritability, and feeling like a monster 24/7 due to menopausal hormonal chaos. Fatigue was my constant companion, no matter how much I slept. This supplement has worked absolute wonders. In just a month, my hormones are balanced, moods are controlled, and the unexpected mood swings are history. The energy boost is incredible—I felt the difference within the first week. Signed up for the subscription so that I never run dry. Highly Recommend.

Betty Ascott

Miracle in a bottle

On just day 5, and I'm already feeling a lot more like my pre-menopause self – a version of me I never thought I'd see again! Sleeping through the night without waking up in a pool of sweat, and my mind is noticeably clearer and sharper, without any side effects. Grateful for these changes!

Dana M.

Hot flushes vanished!

Even in cold the Scottish winter, I was stripping off layers and sweating profusely. I experienced almost instant relief after taking Neuaura. This supplement saved me from ever experiencing those embarrassing hot flush moments again.

Michelle Greene

It really WORKS

I am 46 and started peri-menopause at 38 and have experienced sleepless nights ever since. I am now 2 weeks into my first bottle and wow. I feel more grounded, more energy, I have even lost a bit of weight, sleeping right through the night and I barely sweat at all at night now!! Not sure what kind of voodoo this is but wow I am impressed.

Anja Kura

GP approved.

I'll admit I was skeptical after failed attempts with HRT and other supplements that left me with persistent hot flushes, brain fog, and fatigue. Encouraged by positive reviews, I took a leap of faith and ordered this supplement. To my surprise, within just one week, I noticed improved sleep, increased energy, and a significant lift in the brain fog. Even my GP gave her stamp of approval, urging me not to stop taking them! She was so impressed that she ordered them for herself. I'm loving these and wholeheartedly recommend them.

April Wolford

Active again

Following years of constant exhaustion, life has taken a turn for the better. I've resumed working out, my energy levels are up, and I feel much happier. Great product.

Shannon Y.

Fast, long lasting results

I was grappling with severe menopause brain fog, to the point where I feared early Alzheimer's. This supplement worked wonders and it worked fast, easing my brain fog almost immediately.

Anne Archer

My sleep is back!!!!

HRT triggered severe migraines for me, and the daily exhaustion from sleepless nights was relentless. Neuaura's supplement provided the menopause relief I thought was impossible without HRT. Now, I have more energy than even before menopause, and those sleepless nights are a thing of the past – no more night sweats, and I enjoy a full night's sleep! I really love this product.

60 day money-back guarantee

Neuaura’s Daily Menopause Supplement is Hands Down THE MOST Effective Menopause supplement On The Planet

Here is why we hand-picked these 12 clinically validated ingredients

  • Bocopa Monnieri

    Bacopa is a potent nootropic known for alleviating stress, improving sleep, and enhancing cognitive function.

    Alleviates stress


    Improves cognitive


    Improves Sleep


    Enhances memory


  • Sage Leaf

    Sage has been traditionally utilised for centuries to support women during menopause by alleviating stress and anxiety, reducing the severity of hot flushes and promoting healthier sleep.

    Alleviates stress

    and anxiety


    Improves memory


    Improves Sleep


    Reduceshot flushes


  • Red Clover

    Red clover's isoflavones, which mimic estrogen, aid in hormonal balance during menopause, easing symptoms like hot flashes and promoting memory retention.


    hormonal balance


    Increases memory retention


  • Ashwagandha Root

    Ashwagandha, utilised for centuries, demonstrates remarkable effects on mood regulation by modulating cortisol levels and neurotransmitters like serotonin and GABA, thereby alleviating stress and anxiety.

    Alleviates stress

    and anxiety

    18, 19

    Memory and concentration


    Improves sleep

    17, 18

  • Maca

    Maca is thought to promote emotional balance and increase memory through compounds that influence neurotransmitter activity, supporting optimal brain function, and its ability to reduce stress, all contributing to improved cognitive function.

    Enhances mood


    Improves mental


    Improves memory/



  • Biotin

    Biotin provides various benefits for women, including promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails, supporting metabolic function by aiding in the breakdown of macronutrients for energy.

    Maintains healthy

    hair and nails


    Supports metabolic function


  • Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3 significantly aids in balancing brain chemicals and hormones, effectively improving mood and harmonising hormonal levels, while providing support for the immune system.

    Promotes Hormone Balanace


    Enhances Mood


    Supports Immune System


  • Vitamin B5

    Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, is crucial for mental performance, fights fatigue, and supports brain health by aiding neurotransmitter production and synthesising amino acids, crucial for overall cognitive function.

    Improves mental


    Reduces tiredness
    and fatigue


    Increases energy



  • Vitamin K2

    Vitamin K2 during menopause boosts bone strength by regulating calcium and supports heart health, indirectly promoting better sleep and mood stability.

    Helps to metabolise calcium


    Bone Support


  • Vitamin C

    Our Vitamin C, sourced from Acerola cherry, promotes energy production, reduces fatigue, acts as an antioxidant for cognitive function, including reducing brain fog, and strengthens the immune system during menopause by supporting neurotransmitter production and immune cell function.

    Reduces tiredness and fatigue


    Reduces brain fog

    7, 8

    Immune system support


  • Vitamin B6

    Vitamin B6 is essential for mood regulation, aiding in the synthesis of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. It boosts energy production and stabilises mood, helping to reduce mood swings and helps maintain hormone balance in the body.

    Reduces mood swings


    Increases energy

    10, 11

    Promotes hormonal balance


    Enhances mood


  • Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12 increases energy by aiding glucose conversion and supports mood regulation by facilitating neurotransmitter synthesis, including serotonin and dopamine, while also enhancing memory and concentration through nerve cell maintenance and myelin production.

    Improves memory/


    12, 13

    Increases energy


    Reduces tiredness and


Discover Your Best Self With Neuaura as It Targets Menopausal Imbalance at It's Core

Your Neuaura Awaits -
The Best Is Yet to Come

Neuaura's Daily Menopause Supplement proudly stands as the world's first natural balancing solution, empowering your hormones to work for you, not against you.

To gain control over menopause, it's crucial to understand that the symptoms we experience stem from the constant changes in our hormones...

In order to regain control and manage these symptoms we have to rebalance our entire hormonal system.

And that’s exactly what we’ve been working on:

We've developed a supplement in collaboration with top female menopause experts. It incorporates scientifically proven ingredients designed to rapidly target hormone imbalances by adapting to your body's specific requirements, to achieve optimal hormone balance.

Our Daily Menopause Supplement customises its approach to your body's needs with ingredients known as "adaptogens."

Called "Smart Extracts," these adaptogens are clever because they quickly identify and fix the exact hormones that are imbalanced. They rapidly stop the menopause symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance – doing it all automatically, just like magic.

Here's how Neuaura targets the main menopause symptoms to promote complete hormonal balance and puts women back in control of their bodies and lives again:

Drastic Hormone Fluctuations

Our whole life we have experienced agonising menstrual pain, changes in body shape, irregular cycles, and then for some, navigating the monumental journey of childbirth.

And just when we think we've handled it all… perimenopause and menopause hit, turning our lives upside down.

Out of nowhere, symptoms fluctuate daily—hot flashes, night sweats, bloating, poor sleep, and more…

Attempting to maintain balance in family, career, a happy marriage, confidence, and self-esteem becomes unbearable in the blink of an eye…

As symptoms persist, this is when we are advised to either deal with it, take tablets… Or, in the worst-case scenario, HRT has all of its unwelcome baggage of weight gain, mood swings, and long-term hormonal and health issues.

These unpredictable menopause symptoms can now experience complete relief with our powerful adaptogenic Smart Extracts that can naturally restore hormonal balance rapidly.

7 Ways We Exceed the World's Highest Quality Standards, From Science-Backed Clinical Ingredients to Superior Sourcing, Manufacturing, and Product Consistency!

Formulated by leading female menopause specialists and nutritionists

Who understands menopause more than women themselves. That is why we only work with leading female nutritionists and hormone health experts who understand hormonal balance. With over 20 years experience our experts are registered nutritionists, members of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine and the Royal Society for Medicine. 

Made in the UK with the highest safety and quality standards

Backed by 60+ years of expertise, our MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) -certified facility adheres to the strictest safety and quality standards. Each Neuaura supplement is meticulously crafted in small batches, meeting the highest GMP standards for purity and safety, that surpass even the most rigorous UK regulations.

Free from synthetic hormones

Our menopause supplements are formulated without any synthetic hormones, prioritising natural and clean ingredients for hormonal balance. We believe in providing effective relief without compromising your health, using only the purest ingredients in our formulations.

Ensuring 100% Clean and Traceable Ingredients

We prioritise transparency and purity in every aspect of our product development. All our ingredients are meticulously sourced to guarantee 100% cleanliness and traceability throughout the manufacturing process. We maintain close partnerships with our suppliers, ensuring that we consistently receive the highest quality ingredients available.

100% Natural with No Bulkers, Fillers or Additives

Our Daily Menopause Supplement is packed with natural goodness, using ingredients that your body can easily absorb. We keep it pure by leaving out any harmful stuff like fillers, preservatives, or artificial flavours, allowing the ingredients to work properly to give you the best results.

Ingredients and Dosages Based on Scientific Data

Every ingredient in our Daily Menopause Supplement is chosen for its proven hormone-balancing benefits, based on thorough research from thousands of scientific studies. Our own in-house formula makes sure each ingredient is in the right dose to meet your body's specific needs during menopause, guaranteeing optimal results.

Free from gluten, dairy, sugar and GMO’s

Our Daily Menopause Supplement is created without gluten, dairy, sugar, or GMOs, ensuring a clean and wholesome formula that supports your well-being.

60 day money-back guarantee

As seen in...

Daily Menopause Supplement
Vs Other Mass Market Supplements

Every ingredient in our Daily Menopause Supplement is in a dose that will make a difference and reduce your menopause symptoms, for perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause

Daily Menopause Supplement

The world's first natural balancing solution

Works WITH your bodies unique needs

Balances mood, anxiety and stress

Targets both symptoms AND the root cause

100% clean and contains no fillers

Ingredients backed by clinical studies

Evidence-based ingredient doses

Free from ALL GMO's and artifical sweetners

Other Mass Market Supplements

Ingredients counteract each other

One-size fits all approach

Ignores mood regulation and emotional support

Ignores root cause of hormonal imbalance

May contain toxic fillers, harmful to health

No scientific backing

Ineffective ingredient doses

May contain GMO's and dangerous artificial sweeteners

Money-Back Guarantee

Free Next-day delivery

12,198 Women Use The Daily Menopause Supplement to Achieve Complete Hormone Balance

4.8/5 rating

Joanne McWilliams

You have a customer for life

You have a customer for life! Your menopause supplement has helped me on so many levels. The brain fog which seemed like a never ending struggle has significantly reduced. And I just feel a whole lot more like ‘me’ again. A really wonderful product!

Jan Edwards

I couldn't live without this supplement

I couldn't live without this supplement! It is great!! Highly recommend

Caterina Austin

Unbelievable results!!

Six years of horrendous thick brain fog, mood swings and fatigue, I went from sleepless night after sleepless night to sleeping 8+ hours every night within the first week of taking these supplements. Those dreadful hot flushes are now a thing of the past, and my mood swings have significantly improved. I feel like a new woman! Thank you for creating a fabulous new product!

Annette Sweeney

It really works.

I use to crash every day at 4pm and feel a constant weight of tiredness. I now don’t feel like I need a mid-day nap. My energy has increased hugely and every day is becoming easier.

Ivory Reynolds

The only thing that has worked for me

I am 61 and I have been suffering from debilitating night sweats, insomnia and depression since I was 37. 24 years of it. It has been hell. My GP has tried me on HRT, anti-depressants and Zopiclone, all with 0 success and some made me feel even worse. When I saw an ad for Neuaura I immediately thought that it would just be another thing I could add to my list that didn’t work but after reading the reviews there was just something in me that thought, just try it! 3rd night of taking I didn’t need to change the bedsheets in the middle of the night and I only woke up once! I am now on my 2nd week and for the first time in 24 years I have no night sweats, sleeping right through and I actually feel happier. It's a remarkable change after all these years of suffering. I'm even using a duvet again!

Charlie Jackson

I think your product is fantastic!

Started working for me within the first 2 days. My hot flushes are almost gone and my mood is significantly more stable. Great product.

Mary Durgan

I no longer see red!! Mood swings be gone!

A god send! Dealing with intense mood swings and frustrating bouts of rage during menopause was exhausting and disheartening. My kids hated me and I hated myself. I just couldn’t see anything but red. I am on week 3 and I've noticed a massive improvement. My mood swings have become more manageable, and the rage episodes are becoming less and less frequent. I finally feel like I have regained control over my emotions, my relationship with my kids and my life again.

Michaela Garner

My confidence is back

I was at my wit's end with hot flushes. They were so severe that I felt embarrassed to even step out of the house, fearing I'd sweat through my clothes within minutes. Within weeks, I noticed a reduction in the intensity and frequency of my hot flushes. I am at the end of my bottle and I can confidently say they are almost gone! I can now step out with confidence, I am back socialising and working out and I even went out for dinner with my husband for the first time in years. Neuaura has truly made a difference in my life!

Emma Kellerman

You have a customer for life!

I'm really surprised how fast these worked. I've been using them for just over two weeks and my night sweats are gone. I used to get them almost every night. Now, I sleep better and feel less puffy. I’m also feeling more relaxed. I think they're worth a try!

Josephine Carmicheal

Love this product

I have tried over 12 supplements for menopause and this is the only one that I have seen results from. Even better that it was almost instantly.

Fran Waylow

I have finally overcome my exhaustion

I was overwhelmingly exhausted, irrationally angry to the point it was affecting my relationships. I would have a nap and I was only up for 2 hours. Everything was becoming SO overwhelming and I started to grieve the person I lost.. ME. This supplement has finally gave me hope. I don’t get as angry or irritated anymore and I no longer need to nap. I have