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5 Reasons Why Daily Menopause Supplement is my Natural Relief to Menopause

Reviewed by:

Menopause Expert,
Louise Able


What exactly is Menopause?

You know how in school we learned all about puberty, periods, and maybe even pregnancy? But somehow, they left out the whole chapter on menopause. It's like the unsung hero of womanhood, yet it's such a pivotal stage in our lives.

It's nature's way of hitting pause on our menstrual cycles and hormonal fluctuations take centre stage, ushering in a range of physical and emotional symptoms.

These unpleasant symptoms are driven by hormonal changes as our oestrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate. Each woman’s menopause journey is different but these symptoms may involve sleepless nights, low energy, brain fog, hot flushes, mood swings and night sweats.

The bad news is that the majority of us will experience some if not all of these symptoms during this phase of life- but the good news is that the Daily Menopause supplement is an effective and natural solution that can reduce your symptoms and balance out your hormones.


Supports me through menopause by easing my symptoms

You know, the symptoms we go through during menopause can be really tough, right? It's like our hormones are on a rollercoaster, leaving us feeling out of control. But here's the thing: to start feeling better, we've got to get those hormones back in balance.

Neuaura's Daily Menopause Supplement helps us balance our hormones using natural ingredients called adaptogens. These include Ashwagandha, Maca Root, and Sage, which help regulate our oestrogen and progesterone levels – the two main female hormones responsible for menopause symptoms.

Also known as smart extracts, these adaptogens are clever because they quickly identify and fix the exact hormones that are imbalanced. They rapidly stop the menopause symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance – doing it all automatically, just like magic.


Supports my mood, energy and confidence

When peri-menopause started for me I really battled with irrational mood swings, irritability and constant exhaustion.

The ingredients within this supplement work synergistically to help reduce mood swings, and alleviate fatigue- which has been fantastic for me.

After two weeks of use I found my anxiety and stress were gone, my mood swings had stopped and I was no longer irritable at every moving and breathing thing!

I even felt like I was in my 20's again with my boosted energy levels and was sleeping right through the night again which I haven’t done in over 20 years!

With regular use of Daily Menopause Supplement, you'll find yourself feeling balanced, energised, and confident as you are in full control of your body and emotions again.


Contains 12 powerful plant extracts, that have been clinically proven

Daily Menopause Supplement contains 12 powerful natural plant extracts here are the top 5: Red Clover, Maca Root, Bacopa, Sage Leaf and Ashwagandha- which have been used for centuries!

Ashwagandha is a fantastic natural adaptogen as it not only works wonders in easing stress and anxiety but is specifically tailored for menopause, reducing bothersome hot flushes and fatigue while promoting hormonal balance.

It's incredible how Neuaura's supplement uses natural plant extracts as they are all clinically proven to help with menopause. As a menopause expert I have tried a lot of supplements and the quality of their ingredients stands out as they have been the first ones to ever work. This mix has been a lifesaver for me and I didn't actually think I could ever feel this good again!

All the ingredients in Daily Menopause Supplements are GMO- free, 100% natural and clean- with no added bulkers, fillers. I can use this product with confidence knowing I am fuelling my body with everything it needs to fight menopause with no dangerous hidden nasties.


It is so easy to take, just 2 simple steps!

Managing my menopause is as simple as taking two daily menopause supplements each morning with a full glass of water. These supplements smell amazing, I think it is the sage, and their perfect size makes swallowing them a breeze.

Unfortunately there are so many menopause supplements on the market that are filled with 40+ ingredients that are low in potency but high in artificial ingredients and fillers which can lead to digestive discomfort, inflammation and toxicity.

This product contains just 12 ingredients that are completely natural and clean and I love that they have been formulated by female menopause experts and nutritionists.


Loved by so many women across the UK for a reason!

The Daily Menopause Supplement has been life changing for so many women, offering relief during what can be an incredibly challenging time.

The outstanding reviews and positive feedback from the press got me excited to try it myself! It's heartening to see how this supplement has brought hope and relief to women silently struggling with menopause, including myself.

I love that thousands of women use this natural alternative to menopause and that it isn’t in fact just HRT or nothing. Many of us mourn the person we once were, and this supplement helps us feel like our best selves again, which is truly incredible.

Neuaura has truly changed my life in more ways than I can explain and I will be forever grateful to them for creating a supplement that is so well thought out and actually works. I won't go without them now and I recommend them to every single one of my clients!


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Daily Menopause Supplement

Works for women of all ages going through Peri-Menopause, Menopause, Post-Menopause...

Powered by scientifically backed ingredients, this supplement directly tackles the root cause of menopausal hormonal imbalances - clearing them fast to eradicate hot flushes, uncontrollable mood swings, brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia & night sweats.

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Maureen Williams

My new holy grail!!! It really works

I finally started HRT patches and the progesterone tablets.. I didn't get the injection to stop my periods because….well it's just a long boring story. Anyways!!! It was bad news, I was absolutely miserable I mean fully floored… I didn’t know if it was my hormones or what??!! But I was feeling AWFUL. I really struggled with this as everyone makes HRT out to be their hero.. so I found it hard that it didn’t work for me. I tried a more natural way and that’s when I found Neuaura. I showed my GP the ingredients and she was really impressed and encouraged me to try. Well, I wish I could scream it from the rooftops but..IT WORKS!!! Honestly the difference has been fabulous. Nearly all of my menopause symptoms are under control…I don’t want to scream at my husband…I no longer squeeze my lemon juice into the bin…I don’t walk upstairs and forget why I am there…I sleep every night without waking up in sheer panic…the list goes on. My new holy grail!!!

Josephine Butler

You have a customer for life

I have been in a rut with menopause, just not quite myself. My attitude had changed, wasn’t exercising, not socialising as much and just feeling very meh… I had put on 3stone which I was ashamed about. I am a big fan of natural products so I thought I would give this a shot as I didn’t have much to lose (other than the weight…) and well I have to say I have nothing but positive things to report. I have lost nearly 1 stone in a month, I am back exercising, back dining with the hubby and you know for the first time in a while I am happy. This is a really great companion to have during menopause.

Teresa Richard

A gem, no more hot flushes

I recently purchased this supplement and I must say, it's been a bit of a lifesaver. Being in my menopausal years, I've been struggling with all sorts of issues, hot flushes, night sweats, you name it. This product has been a comfort, especially during those tough nights. I was a bit doubtful at first, not going to lie. But after a few days of using it, I noticed a change. The hot flushes were less intense, and I was finally getting some decent sleep. It's not a miracle cure, mind you, but it does make things a bit more bearable. I also appreciate how easy it is to use. At my age, I don't want to faff around with complicated websites. This was straightforward and user-friendly, which is a big plus in my book. And it's nice to have something that doesn't make me feel so... well, old. The customer service were lovely as well. Had a bit of a bother with the delivery, but they sorted it out quickly. It's comforting to know that if I have any issues, there's someone there to help. All in all, I'd recommend this to any lady going through the same menopausal turmoil as me. It's not every day you find something that actually helps without costing an arm and a leg. So, cheers to this little gem!

Joanne McWilliams

You have a customer for life

This supplement has completely calmed down my hot flushes and night sweats. I have experienced insomnia ever since I hit the dreaded perimenopause stage and ever since I started taking this supplement I am now sleeping right through the night. I don’t even wake up in puddles of sweat anymore, it’s been wonderful! Highly recommended.

Hannah Wood

Nutritionist approved!

I'm really impressed with these supplements. They don't have any fillers like maltodextrin, which lots of other brands use. The ingredients are of the highest quality. As a Nutritionist, I recommend them to all of my clients.

Emma Fredrick

I wake up smiling now

These tablets are amazing. Before, I was always tired and felt really low. I had brain fog and couldn't enjoy life. Even when I tried to stay active, my muscles hurt a lot. But after taking these tablets for a few weeks, everything changed. I feel like my old self again. I sleep better, enjoy working out, have loads of energy, and I'm not moody or irritable anymore. I even wake up smiling, which I hardly ever did before.

Kay Brown

In 3 days my exhaustain was GONE.

Just started taking Daily Menopause supplement three days ago, and wow, what a change! I've had trouble with my hormones since having my kids in my early 20s. I'm turning 40 in a few days, and with early menopause running in my family, I was worried. I used to feel so tired all the time, with headaches, leg pain, and my knees and ankles swelling up, especially after long shifts at the restaurant where I work. The pain was so bad before my periods, I could hardly sleep. But these last three days have been amazing. I've slept well, I have loads of energy, no headaches, and my leg pain is totally gone. My legs aren't swollen anymore either. And guess what? I've already lost 3kg (6.5lb)! I think it's because I'm not holding onto water like before. I used to have marks on my legs from my socks because of the swelling. Work's fun again, I've got all my housework done, and I just feel great. I'll let you know how it goes after a month or two, but for now, I'm really happy with Neuaura!

Joelene MacDonald

My sleep has been amazing

Every night I would go to bed completely knackered and my sleep has been problematic ever since I hit early menopause. It was so strange, as soon as I lay down I was full of absolute raged - the adrenaline would rush through me was huge and overpowering and I felt so restless and I would start sweating and become so restless. It was an ongoing battle and not much helped. I am sleeping much better since taking this, actually slept right through for 3 days in a row which has made the world of a difference. My mood is better and I am not getting as angry and my temperature has definitely levelled out.

Maggie Andrew

You have a customer for life

I had an inner furnace burning away inside me. Not hot flushes, just boiling hot and sweaty all the time, especially if I was moving around, or on public transport, or… just wearing any clothes in general. Anyway, in a bid to be a bitty cooler, I thought I would try this supplement and it has been fantastic! My confidence has really soared as I am no longer stressed about melting and stripping off everywhere I go and my temperature is completely under control. Really recommend this for any other ladies struggling with their temperature and hot flushes!

Erin Flynn

Brain fog and energy has improved

What a difference this has made! Fuzzy sore head, brain fog, insatiable appetite, extreme lethargy all gone. I have been telling everyone about this product.

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